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Release Date=2019 Megan West Horror USA info=Apparition is a movie starring Mena Suvari, Kevin Pollak, and Jon Abrahams. A group of young people, guided by an app which connects living with the dead, find themselves at an abandoned castle. A place with a horrific history tied creator=Mark S. Allen. 2009 was a different era. Not everyone had an iPhone back then. No omnipresent Wi-Fi signals. And most people thought apps were appetizers. Yeah, this shit wasn't easy. And this was Heather Saxon's college years. My era. Like a Millennial Stone Age, we had the bare bones of what people have today. Sites like YouTube and Facebook weren't available at your fingertips via phones and tablets. If you had to travel, you had to use a fucking laptop! In 09, I was twenty-one and attending college in Stanwyck, Georgia. I was from Colquitt, so the drive was an easy thirty minute commute. The only problem was I felt constricted by making the journey. Like an outsider, I never could develop any friendships on campus. I didn't have any close friends in high school. I know, I know. College is different. Like a more inclusive party than the judgmental shitshow that is high school. But still... I just felt alienated. I was awkward. My peers didn't get me. And fuck, there were so many hot guys and none of them ever paid me any attention. It’s not like my standards were high either. Just a cute guy for Heather. A brain and a nice body would've been ideal, but at that point, I'd have settled for a Goddamn pulse... Needless to say, getting no attention or compliments left me an insecure mess. I was a damn human being, after all. And who the fuck didn't wanna feel hot or wanted? I didn't get it... I mean I was an attractive young black woman. Wild, curly hair. A smile of white pearls. Enchanting brown eyes. Not to mention well-endowed. I suppose I had an average body and could've hit the gym more when I wasn't renting classic movies from the library or watching TCM with dad (no Netflix/Prime/Shudder streaming for us in 09). I wouldn't say I dressed like a hipster or tomboy. Just my own style. Baggy and comfortable clothes I could find in the thrift shops. Finally, I'd just had enough of the isolation. I loved my parents, but even a history major like me needed to indulge in modernity once in awhile. So I started interacting on MySpace. I posted my film reviews. I added hot guys who were close by. And for once, I got noticed. I made friends. People liked my photos. They loved my reviews. And like a drug addiction, the attention from those hotties soothed my soul... I also met Johnny on there. He was a fellow Stanwyck State student. A lifelong Stanwyckite as he'd say. He was a few years older than me at 24. A nursing major. Johnny had the sensitive rebel style down pat. Also awkward as shit like me. Not to mention a black hipster before that became mainstream. From the large glasses down to the stylized fade to the colorful tight pants that hugged dat ass nice, Johnny was fine. Not to mention fun to be around. Like an outlaw couple, we were inseparable. We'd spend our days strolling around the campus. And cruising in my Toyota at night. I’d even bring my laptop with us for YouTube videos. Remember this was 2009, y'all... Like our lover's lane, the Craven house was an old abandoned house about fifteen miles away from campus. With only woods for neighbors, Amanda Craven's two-story brick house was ideal for delinquents and hook-ups. Three acres of an overgrown playland. Johnny knew about the secret hideout from being friends with Amanda's niece. Amanda was considered an eccentric if kind older woman. A red-headed recluse. Elaborate dresses, excessive make-up. She was the type who always seemed older in a wax-figure way. Like she came out of the womb at fifty. Once Amanda passed away a few months earlier, no one moved into her home. And like we were booking a resort or hotel room, Johnny and I would crash the property on weekend nights. When Johnny and I made these visits, the laptop came in handy for mood music. Either for making love or to get scared... sometimes both. I enjoyed picking the soundtrack. And Johnny could pick some nice tunes as well. Consider us a DJ duo. Amidst the high grass and Amanda's rusty cars, Johnny and I would camp out in the Toyota like we were in the back of a pick-up. All with a prime view of the Craven house. The house was still in decent shape. Not even the windows were shattered. The front porch still intact. Like a sturdy tree, the house stood tall. The house also had a secret Johnny shared with me: a Wi-Fi signal. Like finding gold, these signals were an exciting discovery for us mere mortals back in 2009. Powered by the house's Wi-Fi, Johnny and I could then descend on a manic YouTube journey. This Friday in January was no different. The weather was perfect. Not cold... just cool enough to let us know it was winter. But definitely not cold enough to stifle our body heat. I pulled up in the dirt driveway and parked about ten feet from the Craven house. Right under a glowing full moon. Like ugly tombstones, Amanda's derelict cars stared back at us. Johnny turned off the radio. "You got it? " he asked. Like I was retrieving narcotics, I pulled a Barefoot bottle of wine and several PBR tallboys out my purse. "Mm-hmm. " Eager, Johnny grabbed his cheap beer. "Best girlfriend ever! " "I like to think so. " Grinning, I planted a kiss on his lips. Johnny smiled. "I know so. " One quick tug popped the top on his beer. Joining in, I twisted off the bottle's cap. Leaning back, Johnny grabbed my laptop from the backseat. "We should get married out here! " Chuckling, I gazed on at the Craven house. Even in the dark, I could see the house was still well-intact. Like a body not fully decomposed. Preserved even. Like an embalmed estate. The bricks looked strong. The porch even retained a country cuteness. "I guess it's better than church, " I responded. No wind ripped through the Craven home. Like wide-open eyes, all the curtains in the windows were open. Nothing but darkness inside. In co-pilot mode, Johnny sat the laptop on his lap. The screen basked us in a beaming light. He clicked on the connections icon. "So what are you thinking tonight? " he asked. Amused, I watched him click on the Wi-Fi signal: 1313Craven "1313, " I said with a smirk. "That always gets me... " "Yeah, fucking crazy, " Johnny responded. With a perfect connection, Johnny clicked on Internet Explorer. "So which song? You name it. " Like a house party, our Friday night got hopping. The booze flowed. And so did the soundtrack on YouTube. Of course, Johnny and I mixed the night up. There was making out, fondling... a fun detour in the backseat. All to the beat of our 60s/70s mix. Nothing like The Beatles's "We Can Work It Out" to get us hot... With midnight drawing near, Johnny had polished off all his beers. My wine bottle was now empty. We were beyond drunk. And the music swept us away like legal hallucinogenics. Back in the front seat, we'd even burned through a few paranormal videos. We were now nice and scared. A great excuse for us to be huddled together. "Almost midnight, " I said. With an excited wave, I motioned toward the car clock. 11:59 P. M. "Let me know when it changes, " Johnny joked. When the digits hit 12, I leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. I liked the mystique of the midnight kiss. And the moonlight only made it all the more mesmerizing. Johnny broke away from me. "Whoa, hold on a sec! " Chuckling, I watched him look up another video. "What? " Then the powerful opening to Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone" hit me like a soliloquy from my love. Johnny always knew it was one of my favs... As my heart fluttered, Johnny gave me another kiss. Lightning surged through me. Johnny ran his hands along my arms. "I'm so glad we met. " Lost in the music, I proceeded to get lost in Johnny's soothing eyes. "Indeed. " Then right when Skynyrd's piano was about to kick in, a low voice overtook the Southern rock. Like a falling curtain, the desperate voice paused the video and killed the song. Amidst a distorted static, the speaker was unmistakable... the voice of a helpless child had hi-jacked our station. "Help us! " cried the unseen little boy. Fear dominated me. I felt my heart sink to my stomach. In my arms, Johnny felt lifeless with unease. "Please! " the boy continued. His voice sounded distant. Like a transmission from a lost pilot. White noise scratched his cries. The boy's voice drifted from a low whisper to a torturous scream. "Help us! Save us! " Youthful anguish pierced through his yells. A real deep pain no child should ever experience. Disturbed yet riveted, I stared at the laptop. With each scream from the speakers, the entire screen glitched as if cringing in pain. "Shit! " Johnny yelled. Frantic, he tried to exit the page. But the touchpad did nothing. Like a permanent screensaver, the paused video wasn't going anywhere. And neither were those painful cries... The screen's intermittent glitches kept taunting us. "Goddammit, it won't let me change! " Johnny screamed. The boy's sobs now accompanied the screams. A painful soundtrack for both our ears and souls. I leaned in toward Johnny. "There's gotta be a way-" In a quick cut, the screen shifted to a different shot. Startled, we jumped back. "Whoa! " Johnny yelled. What greeted us wasn't a YouTube video. Nor a ghost video. There were no jump scares or cheesy music. Just clear footage of a dark living room. Nothing grainy. An HD security camera. Like a photo shoot, a variety of lamps were positioned throughout the room. None of them turned on. White sheets covered all the other furniture, making the room resemble a ghost lounge. A couple of large paintings hung on the walls. Southern Gothic antiques... Horrified, I realized a tense silence had overtaken the boy's screams. There was no more static either. There was nothing except Johnny and I's own anxious breathing and movement. "Where is that... " I said. Trembling, Johnny pointed toward the screen. Toward the room's windows... Their curtains were pulled apart. "I think it's inside, " he said. And Johnny was right. In the pristine footage, I could see all the familiar cars through those windows. All the ugly ones... My Toyota stood out like a new model on a used car lot. "Oh God... " I said, mortified. Johnny's eyes looked out toward the Craven house. "How'd they do that? I don't understand... " By keeping a calm tone, his dread instead manifested itself with a death grip on my wrist. I followed Johnny's gaze. Focusing on the house's windows, I saw nothing other than the void of blackness within. Not a soul in sight. Not a camera. No child. And then like a haunting chorus, several voices drifted to our terrified ears. Several kids. Boys, girls. All of them were screaming for their lives. The distorted static surrounded them like a backing band. "Help us! " "Please! " "Please, help me! " "Don't leave me! " The children's cascade of cries came one after the other. The smorgasbord of sadness poured out from the laptop. The children's pain emanated out of those poor speakers. Each child struggled to be heard over the other. Not to mention through all the white noise.. as if all these kids were trapped behind the computer screen. Scared, Johnny and I looked toward the screen. All we could do was listen... and watch. Now on screen was outdoor surveillance footage. Crisp HD like the camera inside... only this one was pointed right at us. I could even see Johnny and me through the windshield. Our terrified faces illuminated by the laptop's glow. "Oh shit! " I yelled. Fueled by panic, Johnny kept trying to work the touch pad. Even from where I sat, I could see how futile the effort was. The screen wasn't changing at all. And the children's screams were only growing stronger. "Don't leave us! " "Stay! " "Save us, please! " The young cries only grew more tormented. Even through the warped static, their emotional pain was well on display. Like we'd picked up a radio signal straight from a burning orphanage. "Turn it off! " I commanded Johnny. In one desperate push, he mashed the power button. But the security footage stayed... Like the children's screams, the camera had now possessed my laptop. "Goddammit, it won't! " Johnny yelled. Faint tears forming in his eyes, he hit the screen. "Fuck! " "Help! " "Don't leave us! " The children's cries made Johnny turn away in defeat. Their unrelenting chorus cut into me like a vicious blade. And the manic static only scrambled our minds. "God... " I heard Johnny's horrified voice say. "What the fuck... " Struggling with my own fear, I grabbed Johnny's shoulder. "Johnny, look at me! " Then with the quickness of an unplugged radio, the voices and white noise came to a halt. Just as quickly as "Tuesday's Gone" had ended. Nervous, Johnny and I confronted the laptop. Immediately, I wished I hadn't. Even in the silence, more fear shot through us. My screen had gone back to the living room footage. And the room was still the same. Still the valley of "ghosts. " All except for its new occupant: a withered, tall woman standing in the very back. Like a morbid statue, she stood as still as the subjects in those paintings. In the dark, she almost resembled one of the lanky lamps. But the oversized red dress gave her away. As did her long legs and bare feet. Like a mop, her mess of long red hair was strewn about all over the place. "Oh fuck! " Johnny yelled. The HD camera made it clear who the woman was. I hadn't even met her before or knew what she looked like, but the footage was enough for me to know Amanda Craven was still in the house. "She's fucking dead... " Johnny said. "There's no fucking way! " Like lightning hit her, Amanda burst to life. In a slow, steady shuffle, she staggered toward the camera. Closer and closer toward the window. Closer toward us. Methodical, Amanda raised her scrawny arms. Her steps more agonizing than the children's screams. But in the darkness, I still didn't get a clear look at her face... and I wasn't sure I wanted to. Johnny squeezed my wrist. "Babe, just fucking go! " he yelled in horror. Just when I was about to do what he said, the laptop screen switched. The children's tormented cries hit us like bullets. "Don't go! " "No! " Amidst the static, all of their haunting voices cut through the night like the cries of dying animals. They sounded wounded, painful. Helpless. Johnny and I faced the screen. And we faced ourselves. There on the laptop was the same shot of us sitting in the car. "This is fucking weird... My eyes darted toward the house. I saw no cameras anywhere. No glowing lights... no sign of anything modern really. I had no idea where this observant feed was coming from... Digging in deeper, Johnny tightened his grip on my wrist. "Babe, come on! " I kept scanning the lawn. The hideous, useless cars. Anything for a glimpse at these fucking cameras... "Just wait a second! " I responded. "Are you fucking crazy! " Like a spaceship appearing in the night, lights cut on in the Craven home. The second floor's "eyes" now beamed down on us behind bright lights. "Shit! " Johnny cried out. Both of us looked up at the lights, scared. I saw the windows were now open. Now there was no glass separating us from Amanda Craven. Under all the lamp lights, Amanda glared right at us. Rampant cuts and dirt ravaged her dress. Her flowing hair was infiltrated by cobwebs. Johnny was right all along... Amanda looked like she'd never experienced youth. Not on that haggard face. Her sandpaper skin looked painful to bear. And the layers of movie star make-up could never disguise her craggy canvas of flesh. She was like a silent movie star who'd never changed her style... not even in the twenty-first century. Like an eerie statue, Amanda stood still. Her withered mouth never moved. And she never blinked. Instead, those cold eyes stayed on us. "Shit, that's her! " Johnny yelled. "She's coming! " a little girl's voice cried to us. More of the kids' voices hit us. The same ones from earlier. The same tortured souls. "Hurry! " "Help me! " "She's gonna hurt me! " Even through the cryptic static, their voices were louder and clearer than ever. Even more panic in those young tones. Conquered by terror, Johnny and I looked toward the laptop. Shock hit us like a hammer. The screen now showed footage in what appeared to be a basement. Through the HD camera, we saw boxes crammed into old bookshelves. Toys stacked to the top of each and every box. Dirty, grimy toys. Beneath the hanging single lightbulb, I saw the basement had a dirt floor. No carpet. Like a homemade art museum, crude children's drawings and paintings hung on all the bland walls. Johnny and I sat still, petrified in fear. We couldn't move a muscle. Couldn't scream. "Help! " "Please, help me! " Both the white noise and the children's cries reached their agonizing apex. They rang out loud and shrill through the night. Through Johnny and I's ravaged minds. Then more darkness engulfed us. Startled, Johnny and I looked toward the second floor. The lights were out. The Craven house was back in its lifeless slumber. And Amanda Craven was nowhere to be seen. I realized we were now surrounded by silence. No more harrowing screams or white noise... "Shit! Heather! " I heard Johnny yell. His tight grip yanked my hand. Nervous, I faced the laptop. Bodies now emerged from the basement dirt. Small, rotted bodies. I only saw their upper halves. Their ripped shirts were covered in stray flesh and dried blood. Their faces marred by flailing skin yet still unmistakable. These were all children. Little boys, little girls. As if they were crawling from a womb of Hell, all of them emerged out of Amanda Craven's basement. In that disturbing moment, I glanced back at all the boxes and paintings. There was so many of them... who knew how many kids Amanda buried here? And who the Hell knew how or why they were rising from the basement graveyard at this very moment? Like a panicking cop, Johnny reached across me and cranked the Toyota. My car roared to life, snapping me from my disturbed trance. I stole a glance back at the second floor. There was still no sign of Amanda... "Go, Heather! " Johnny pleaded. My eyes strayed to the laptop. The kids were now staggering to their feet. In a slow yet playful manner. Nothing but decomposing flesh lurked beneath their torn clothes. Together, they formed a miniature army of the Undead. One without Amanda... Nervous, I searched the basement for the adult monster. The figure who would've been towering over the little victims like an ancient deity. But her gaunt face was nowhere amongst the sea of (literal) decomposing innocence. "Go! " Johnny demanded. "Okay! " I replied. Aggravated, Johnny slammed the laptop shut. "Just fucking drive, babe! " Like an anxious getaway driver, my trembling hand put the Toyota in reverse. Then I turned and looked toward the back window. I came face-to-face with the monster herself: Amanda Craven. She sat in the backseat calm and collected. Right behind me. As if Johnny and I were chauffeuring us straight to the basement graves. This up close, she somehow looked older. Like someone had painted flesh and make-up on to a mummified corpse. Her red dress was soaking wet and drenched through my backseat... I just didn't know with what... I even saw blood stains give Amanda's hair even redder highlights. Regardless of her craggy face, Amanda's eyes radiated with youthful excitement. And life. Moving slower than a wind-up toy, a sinister smile crossed her scaly lips. Her clawed hand grabbed my headrest. Johnny screamed like a frightened kid. "Hello, children, " Amanda said, her Southern accent full of guttural contempt rather than warmth. I looked on, frozen in fear. Panicking, Johnny gave me a light shove toward the wheel. "Go! " Snatching the steering wheel, I did my best to avoid looking at Amanda. Even as I could hear her leaning in closer toward us. I could hear her cracking joints. Her demented chuckle. My foot mashed the gas pedal. And like a rocket going in reverse, we backed out of the driveway in a furious blaze. "Go! Go! " Johnny screamed. My Toyota hit the highway. We were back on the road. Back on paved safety. I aimed the car down south. Toward home. "Holy shit! " I heard Johnny say. Turning, I faced the backseat. Amanda was gone. As was the wet substance on the backseat. Like an apparition, she'd vanished into the January night. Before curiosity got the best of me, I slammed my foot into the pedal and cruised out of there. Straight back to Colquitt. Johnny and I didn't sleep well that night. No one could've. And over the years, I never once went back to the Craven house... but I did still keep my laptop. And ten years later, that Wi-Fi signal is still there. Still in my connections for whenever I get desperate. So no matter how far away I am from that old dark house, 1313Craven continues to follow me... 14.

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My favorite part is the rabbit running around the school 🤣❤️. Streaming Apparition 2019 full movie Available for free streaming Download - Streaming Apparition 2019 full movie High quality 1080p Watch and Download movies for free. Play the opera song from the fifth element at the same time this is playing, your mind will be blown. Le 19:32 Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man. Apparition Full Episode Whom … Apparition in hindi download Which Watch'Apparition'Online'Rapidvideo Online Apparition 'Look'at'the'website Streaming {Apparition~ …. Didn't expect great movie out of Disney these is full of surprises...

The idea that in our tech modern world an app could be developed to connect the living to the dead is intriguing. But this movie was less about the app and more about interpersonal relationships of characters. No thought was put into the development process of the app, it's true potential or limitations, or purpose. The actor playing Sam was so terrible at playing a socially awkward IT-nerd. The couple's fight the night before their marriage was without any substance or reason. The fact that they all got up and left on some adventure regardless of the next day's ceremony was unconvincing. The revenge theme was entirely predictable. So much wasted potential in the premise. And what the hell was up with the very last scene. So confused.

Preston School of Industry Movie streaming.

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I had a thought while thinking about the new Obi-Wan Kenobi Series airing on the Disney+ Streaming Service and it grew quite large in my head and I need to share it. Keep in mind, my only source is the movie content as I have not read any or seen anything else. I know, its treason. --------------- I thought during the Battle on Mustafar between Kenobi and Skywalker: Why was Obi-Wan's anger not more prominent? Then it occurred to me that Obi-Wan let Anakin burn to death. Granted Anakin lived to become a feared Sith Lord, but Kenobi did not know this, he thought he had killed his brother by letting the fires of Mustafar swallow him. It does not seem like alot but this is a very out of character move for Kenobi, a little on the dark side (excuse the pun). With this in mind, it is a stretch but maybe Kenobi did indeed let himself faulter ever so slightly. This would be understandable given the atrocities that Anakin had performed in the last few hours, however this is not my main theory. It came to my attention that the only Force Users that achieved Force Apparition after death in the movies were those we know most and may have had or did have a slight hand in the dark side of the force. From my understanding the Force is like Yin and Yang, there must be an equally opposite flow. I'd think that Force Apparition or "Force Ghosting" would be one of those high tier abilities that one might achieve when becoming one with the force and thus achieving all sides: Both the Yin and the Yang; The Dark and the Light. My proof is lacking but here it goes: Qui-Gon Jinn discovered this strange ability before his untimely death and as told in Episode III had only told Yoda, a trusted mentor of his and a wise Jedi Master. Yoda who is very strong in the force was able to capture, contain, and repel Force Lightning (a common trope of the dark side) by Episode II and sometime later in Episode III did so again in the Battle against Palpatine and then proceeded to tell Kenobi of the ability so he may master it on Tatooine. Yoda also uses the force to manipulate lightning in Episode VIII. The Force Users we have seen in "ghost form" are Yoda, Kenobi, Anakin, and Luke. With the idea that it does take abit of both sides, these Force Users are the perfect example. Yoda being powerful and with Qui-Gon's discovery, Luke being drawn to both sides, Anakin being drawn to both sides consistently, and Obi-Wan who while quite powerful did not fit into the criteria but may have been told in a time where he felt lost. Force Users who stayed to close to one side had not achieved this such as anyone else on the Jedi Council, nor any Sith who came pre-Vader like Maul or Dooku. To get down to the point, it is my theory that after falling to the anger and suffering that powers the Dark side but keeping to his Jedi Practices, Yoda saw Kenobi as ready to take on the next step, a new way of looking at the force. Kenobi will go to Tatooine and practice this blending of Dark and Light as Yoda has told him and will achieve balance. Ben Kenobi would have prepared Luke for such a perception of the Force if he had not encountered Vader, and it could be said that Luke tried to do the same with Rey by showing her the balance first. If i have missed any good points, or if anyone has any way of blowing this up Alderaan-style, please don't hesitate to comment. I would like to see this pushed in the Kenobi Series, or in other words I would like to be right, but there is so much Star Wars content out there and there is so much lore entrusted to the best of us that I am most probably on the wrong path. Lets discuss.

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